The Importance of me~nu, Food & Drink - Simplified & Personalised

The UK’s Food and Drink industry is one of the most diverse, producing some of the highest quality food and drink in the world.

Our producers work to standards higher and more demanding than most countries require, ensuring that the locally produced food we enjoy is high quality, sustainable, ethical and provided by an essential part of our nation’s economy.

Our mission with me~nu is to help you discover and celebrate businesses that utilise the quality and diversity of British (and overseas) produce to provide the best quality and value dishes.

Unlock Your me~nu

We are a nation of food lovers, proud of the incredible work our farmers and producers do to provide us with high quality, sustainable dishes that we love.

Almost all of us want to know more about the food and drink we buy in restaurants or cafés when deciding what to pick from the huge varieties of menus.

Discovered By You

Where it is from?
How was it grown or reared?
Is it sustainable?
What are the ingredients?
Is it good for us and the planet?
Does it fit with my dietary preferences?
(For those with allergies or intolerances accurate information is vital)

The problem is that virtually all the information we want or need to make fully informed decisions is locked up in multiple, complex systems and usually in indecipherable jargon.

Personalised For You By me~nu

Our true purpose is to transform complex, technical food and drink data into transparent and easy to digest (pun intended) information so as to enable you to make fully informed decisions that fit your individual needs and preferences.

We love independent food and drink businesses that are committed to the highest standards of sustainability, quality and their local supply chains, enabling them to share all of this with you through our platform.

The businesses we work with know that transparency and quality are essential to growing trusted relationships with you and delivering the world class, fully personalised customer experience you expect, through our me~nu app

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