~what we do

We enable your brand to transform product provenance
into competitive advantage across its lifespan

You already understand your customers want to the know the provenance of the products they buy.

Did you know that they are also increasingly focused on looking after them better and disposing of them ethically?

Our ~retail™ provenance and lifespan platform enables you to satisfy modern consumers’ demand for enhanced product information using the app format the majority of consumers demand.

The result is a world class customer experience that helps you nurture your customer relationships and grow their value to your business.

Fully Branded

Your app on the platform is a perfect mobile reflection of your brand.


Our data exchange model ensures that your followers and customers know they can trust you with their data


We deliver the entire solution from end to end.

Customer Experience

Our solutions are developed specifically to help you deliver a world class customer experience.

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Only 20 percent of people now “completely trust” organisations to protect their data.IBM 2017

nuUnlimited has always believed in the right of the individual to control their own data.

Our solutions put the individual in complete control of their personal data. How much or little they choose to share with a brand they follow, is a personal choice.

~trust does not prevent your brand from accessing consumer data. ~trust rewards responsible brands, like yours, that cultivate trust by nurturing the relationships you have with your followers and customers.

Through ~privilege individual customers connect with your brand on a more personal level than is normally possible. Your customers can choose to share data with you in exchange for defined benefits such as discounts, exclusive events, or anything else you choose to offer


84% of consumers check the origin of their food when they buy products. Elementar UK

Product provenance is not just a history of your product, its a competitive advantage.

Consumers pay more for product with a detailed and verifiable provenance whether its food, clothing or something else. The challenge is getting all that detail onto a label in a format that is readable – without a microscope.

~provenance enables your customers to access a detailed and verified provenance for your products and even their packaging directly from your product packaging. 

~provenance is just the beginning, our solutions give you the tools needed to deliver an exceptional digital customer experience that builds on the provenance of your products.


~consumer focus

What modern consumers want from brands they follow and buy from.

Modern consumers between the ages of 15 and 54 think and behave very differently than every generation before. Of the hundreds of studies and surveys on modern consumers, the four main things this group of consumers focus on is shown on the right.

Customer Experience

Personalised Relationship

Ethics & Values

Customer Service


Almost 72% of consumers shop on smartphones when at home, travelling or during free time. Total Retail 2018.

~retail is a turnkey mobile platform for consumer brands to deliver a world class customer experience that attracts, engages and converts curious consumers into loyal customers.

With ~trust and ~provenance at its heart, ~retail provides your brand with a toolkit enabling you to engage consumers directly from your product, instantly gratifying the growing need for provenance and other information.

With Instant Gratification as the start point, ~retail helps your brand nurture a direct, personalised relationship with your customers that fits modern consumer behaviour and preferences.

~new consumerism

70% of consumers consider a brand’s ethics and values when making purchases. Inkling

Modern consumers are no longer satisfied with a pretty label and an attractive price. They are driven by new ideas such as sustainability, ethics, the circular economy, recycling and others. Academics are calling it New Consumerism.

~retail™ is the first turnkey, mobile consumer engagement solution designed for brands in tune with new consumerism and their customers.

~retail™ makes it easy for you to attract modern, mobile consumers, engage them, sell to them and nurture your relationship with them.

All of this is done using the tools and technologies that consumers increasingly prefer to use for everything for researching, browsing and buying products – smartphones.

We deliver all of this at a cost that even the smallest brand can afford and benefit from.


~elements is the technology and process stack that we develop our solutions on.

This highly configurable, modular technology platform is designed to enable us to configure solutions that put put easy to use, app based solutions in place that solve often complex business problems in both B2C and B2B.

With provenance and traceability at its core, ~elements captures and builds up a detailed record from component to its eventual consumption or disposal that can include:

Component details and history
Manufacturing records
Distribution records
Sales and ownership records
Warranty and guarantee records
Maintenance records
Disposal and recycling records
Customer interactions

~about us

We are group of curious people working out how to solve complex problems
with simple, easy to use mobile solutions.

As we become more mobile and the smartphones in our pockets become more powerful, we believe that businesses in ever sector can benefit by making better use of smartphones.

Almost all of us carry a smartphone in our pockets, we regularly use apps, so to us, it just makes sense to get the most from them whether it is as consumers or in business, we think the smartphone is significantly under utilised.