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~our misson

Well over half of us want transparent information we can trust about food and drink products we buy.

Yet the information we want or need is locked up out of our reach in complex, confusing, technical and extremely difficult to access systems.

Our platform changes that, unlocking the data, transforming it into easily digestible information which is personalised to the needs and preferences of individuals.


~consumers are driving change

Just three of the hundreds of trends and statistics that demonstrate the clear and growing pressure being put on the Food and drink sector to evolve and become more transparent.


83% of us now want to know more about the food and drink we buy

One third of the UK population has reduced or stopped eating meat

59% say it is important to support UK farms and producers

Only 34% of Consumers trust the brands they use and buy from. Yougov 2019

As a result, consumers increasingly demand answers to many of the questions shown on the left before buying a product of the shelf or a dish in a restaurant.

Moreover, they expect answers personalised to fit their preferences and needs. Food and drink businesses that can answer them are enjoying competitive advantage because they are perceived to be more honest and transparent.

~what we do

We simplify and personalise food and drink for consumers. By satisfying consumers, we also support and enable businesses and government to achieve their objectives.

As the simple graphic on the left shows, our unique data structure enables us to pull allthe complex data together and deliver acomprehensive solution for each of the four groups that meets the specific requirements of each.

~how we do it

We pull together data from multiple, usually disconnected sources to build an accurate, verified set of data on products.

This is done dynamically ensuring the data is always up to date including allergen data.

Once on the platform the structured data can be accessed by our target groups to deliver them the information they need, on demand.

Consumer App

• Dynamic food safety data including allergen, recall and other legally required data.
• Nutritional profile for the pie per portion.
• Detailed provenance for on platform ingredients.
• Producer standards and certification for on platform ingredients.
• Detailed information for on platform producers and their stories.
• Curated information on awards and reviews to ensure validity.
• Follow the producers to get offers, news and other information.

Fish Pie

On Platform

Sandford Organic Vegetables

• Locally sourced
• Organically grown
• Full Nutrition profile
• Full Allergen profile
• Potatoes
• Onions
• Carrots
Organic certification

On Platform

Masters Farm Cheese

• Locally Produced
• Organic ingredients
• Full Nutrition profile
• Full Allergen profile
• Matured in muslin
• Cheddar
• Winner of 3 national
cheese awards

On Platform

McKenzie & Sons

• Sustainably sourced
• Supports sustainable
• Full Nutrition profile
• Full Allergen profile
• Caught locally
• Fresh
• Haddock
• Salmon
• Prawns
• Winner of 2 quality ~nu awards

On Platform

• Standard system profile
• Standard nutritional profile
• Standard allergen profile
• Cream
• Milk

nuUnlimited Platform

~why is it important

As some of the key findings from the Edelman study in 2019 show, our platform is tightly tuned to help food and drink businesses build real trust in a market by meeting the rapidly growing demand from consumers for greater transparency.

Only 34% of consumers trust the brands they use and buy from


Key purchase decision making criteria from the same Edelman study of 16,000 people in 2019

I must be able to trust the brand will do the right thing

The brand uses only high quality ingredients I can trust

The brand offers the best value for money in its market

The brand offers the best quality
product in the market

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